Thirsty For Art is a podcast about using the power of art to heal and transform from the inside out. It is for the artist and non-artists alike, from folks who haven't touched art since grade school to folks who live and breathe art everyday. It delves into the philosophy of art therapy and applies real-world psychology and personal growth tips to help you find the most happy, creative, and fulfilling life you crave. With talks and actual guided art exercises, this is the place you can quench your thirst for art.


How to Deal With Your Inner Critic

When making art, our inner critic can be the number one obstacle to getting started. We become paralyzed from this voice. So, what to do? Listen to learn about how we can stop being afraid of our inner critic and start picking up that paintbrush.


After A Stressful Work Day

This is a guided art exercise for when you have had a stressful work day and need to wind down a little bit or destress in a creative way.


Why You’re Stuck In The Same Pattern

The same bad relationships, the same bad work situations, bad habits, the same health problems, or financial situations… Is it a pattern!? Learn why we we get into this pattern & what to do to stop this from happening. 

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